Anastasia Prokofieva

--Opera Magazine

"Veronique was sung with strength and steel by the soprano Anastasia Prokofieva"
--The Sunday Telegraph

"Anastasia Prokofieva (Veronique) excelled as Laurette's comic parent"

"Eine Stimme, die unter die Haut geht" ("A voice that gets under your skin")

"In 'In uomini, in soldati' Anastasia Prokofieva revealed a soprano voice of ample size and persuasive colouration."

"Anastasia Prokofieva as Despina gave a charming performance and was spot on with her comedy timing."

"Voix brillante, souple et puissante" ("A brilliant, supple and powerful voice")
--La Libre Belgique

"L'emission est chaleureuse, avec un lyrisme genereux" ("Her voice is passionate, with a generous lyricism")
--Le Soir

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